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At Venesta, we provide a range of IPS panelling solutions designed for commercial washrooms. Our innovative Vepps system is an IPS panel unit which offers both style and functionality. Modernise the look of your commercial washroom with our Vepps IPS panelling.



Venesta Washrooms Healthcare Ips Vepps Hygen Unit

Vepps Healthcare





What is IPS?

IPS (Integrated Plumbing System) panelling is a comprehensive and space-saving solution designed to streamline and enhance the functionality of commercial washrooms. Our industry-leading Vepps IPS panelling is a modular system that integrates plumbing and electrical services within a compact and stylish panel, offering a sleek and organised appearance. 

The intelligent design of IPS washroom panels not only maximises space efficiency but also facilitates easy maintenance and accessibility for servicing. Our Vepps IPS panelling is customisable to meet the specific needs of different commercial environments. We ensure that each washroom is equipped with a cutting-edge and efficient solution that reflects Venesta's commitment to quality and innovation in the world of commercial washroom design.


Why choose Venesta for IPS?

Choose Venesta for our excellent IPS panelling system. With a rich history, Venesta leads the industry with innovative Vepps solutions, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. We are regarded in the industry for our craftsmanship and our expert washroom services. Our Vepps IPS panels are designed to make the most of space and provide easy maintenance access. Learn more about how our bespoke IPS toilet panels offer the ultimate solution.

Our Vepps and washroom panelling products

At Venesta, we offer a range of bespoke commercial washroom panelling systems. In addition to providing toilet cubicle panels for commercial washrooms, we also provide Vepps IPS panelling for the healthcare sector, alongside our Frameduct and Rapiduct systems. Explore our full range of panelling solutions for your washroom below. 


Vepps Healthcare



Vepps IPS panelling features & benefits

Our innovative Vepps IPS panelling system offers several benefits which enhance any commercial washroom:

  • Integrated plumbing system with metal frame
  • Tailored solutions for effortless installation
  • Precision-fitted and quality-tested sanitaryware
  • Robust aluminium frame for long-lasting durability
  • Revolutionary 90° linear-bearing hinges™
  • Versatility for wet and dry environments
  • A decade of assurance with a 10-year guarantee

Compliment your Vepps IPS panelling with our other products

In addition to our Vepps IPS washroom panels, we offer a range of products to compliment your projects. Discover our selection of commercial toilets, shower and changing cubicles, vanity units, lockers and changing room benches and see how they can add to the look of your washroom. Explore our full range of products below.


Commercial toilet cubicles


Commercial vanity units


Commercial Lockers


Changing Room Benches

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Help me choose the right commercial washroom panelling

Struggling to find the ideal panelling for your commercial washroom projects? Or maybe you need help and advice on the other range of products offered by Venesta? Our helpful guides below provide details on everything from Vepps IPS panels to toilet cubicles. Contact our team for more information.

Venesta Washrooms Vepps Ips8

Pre-plumbed panelling


Specifying washrooms

Venesta Washrooms Healthcare Ips Vepps Hygen Unit



Toilet cubicles

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Vepps washroom panelling case studies

At Venesta, we have successfully installed our innovative Vepps IPS panelling systems across the UK. Read our case studies section and see the projects that Venesta has delivered.

Case studies


What does IPS stand for? 

IPS stands for Integrated Plumbing System in the context of commercial washrooms. An Integrated Plumbing System combines various elements of plumbing, such as pipes, fittings, and fixtures, into a unified system to facilitate installation and maintenance. At Venesta, our industry-leading Vepps IPS panelling system offers the ultimate solution for commercial washrooms. 

What are the benefits of IPS panels? 

IPS panels in commercial washrooms offer several benefits. Their space-saving design integrates plumbing components into cohesive panels, improving the washroom's aesthetics and optimising space utilisation. Additionally, IPS panels simplify maintenance by providing easy access to integrated components, ensuring quick and cost-effective upkeep for optimal functionality. IPS panelling can also be used for showers, basins, urinals, and baths across a range of settings. 

Are IPS panels worth it? 

Our IPS panelling offers a smart investment for commercial washrooms. Our IPS washroom panels not only enhance aesthetics but also save an abundance of space. The integrated plumbing system ensures efficiency and easy maintenance access, contributing to long-term durability. Despite a potentially higher initial cost, the efficiency, space optimisation, and maintenance benefits make our Vepps IPS panels a highly valuable choice for commercial washrooms.

What is Vepps? 

Vepps is our bespoke comprehensive IPS panelling system solution designed for commercial washrooms. This system integrates plumbing components into cohesive panels, offering a streamlined and space-saving approach to installation. Vepps not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the washroom by eliminating clutter but also maximises space utilisation. 

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