High-quality commercial washroom cubicles

The high-quality commercial washroom cubicles which we provide are stylish, beautifully designed and durable for your needs. Cheap and durable was the rule. The trend is changing, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to give a better impression where it's keenly noticed. Our commercial toilet cubicles can also be designed and created for your business needs.

  • V1 - Our entry-level, low-cost cubicle range that makes style affordable. 
  • V2 -  Our popular, mid-price cubicle range which combines functionality at an affordable price. 
  • V3 - Our premium cubicle range for style-led environments. Expect superb craftsmanship, the latest trends and on-trend colours.

Key features and benefits of our commercial washroom cubicles

There are many key features and benefits of our toilet cubicles which you can take advantage of in order to have economical and brilliantly designed washrooms. See all the features and benefits of our cubicle range.  

  • Perfect for a range of settings including education, leisure, health and more.
  • Our cubicles feature robust fittings with unrivalled safety features.
  • Fully bespoke cubicles for various configurations.
  • Durable and robust frames.
  • Our cubicles are easy to adjust with anti-finger-trap hinges.
  • Extensive range of colours and materials to match the style you want. 

Why choose Venesta for commercial toilet cubicles

Choose Venesta for outstanding commercial toilet cubicles. With a proud history, Venesta stands at the forefront of the industry, offering innovative products featuring unique designs at affordable prices. We are renowned for our craftsmanship and expertise in washroom services. Our toilet cubicles are crafted to cater to diverse settings, ensuring both robustness and durability. Explore more about our commercial toilet cubicles below.

Our range of commercial toilet cubicles

Browse our full range of commercial toilet cubicles. Our cubicles come in three separate ranges, V1, V2 and V3. Our ranges have been grouped to suit a wide range of industries including education, medical, hospitality and more. So you will be able to find the perfect cubicles that match your budget and vision for your washroom.


Our Award cubicles offer fantastic design flexibility, as you can choose from 34 vibrant colours. Award washroom cubicles comes with stylish fittings in either sleek ABS, satin anodised aluminium, or a powder-coated zinc finish that mimics the satin anodised effect.

Award Low-Level

With two height options available, Award Low-Level cubicles provide excellent design flexibility. With Award Low-Level cubicles, you can select from 34 vibrant colours and can specify the fittings in sleek ABS, satin anodised aluminium, or a powder-coated zinc finish that replicates the satin anodised effect.


Centurion is selected for its size, strength, and various essential features. These washroom cubicles are easy to clean, sturdy, and vandal-proof, equipped with durable fittings. The addition of wall channels enhances rigidity, while the aluminium headrails and fluted pilasters extend to the floor, providing a sophisticated and high-end appearance. It comes in three versions: Standard, Full Height and Privacy.

Cubicle Express

The Cubicle Express range encompasses cubicle panels, duct panels, vanities and all the necessary components and fixing instructions for a swift and efficient construction.


Fusion cubicles offer exceptional versatility with a wonderfully straightforward design. Featuring minimalistic and discreet slimline fittings, along with pilasters that seamlessly connect to the floor. Fusion washroom cubicles provide a high-quality and cost-effective solution. This cubicle also comes in a full-height version for increased privacy.


Genesis offers four height options for cubicles, catering to the entire age range of 2-11. It incorporates intelligent safety features such as anti-finger-trap hinges, emergency release indicator bolts, and magnetic catches.


The Infinite cubicle range boasts a variety of innovative features. These include floating pilasters, adjustable stainless steel pedestals, and a distinctive 3-part aluminium headrail system, resulting in a seamless, flush-fronted finish for the cubicles. Our premium washroom cubicle also comes in a Full Height version for increased privacy, where it’s needed most.


Bringing together enjoyment and safety effortlessly, Lollipop toilet cubicles provide two door height options. The unique pedestal design ensures additional strength, and they are available in a selection of stylish, on-trend colours.


Distinctive to the Sahara range, the toilet cubicle doors showcase our groundbreaking floating pivot hinge system. This feature, synonymous with luxurious design, facilitates a seamless and elegant door movement that is effortlessly easy to open and self-closing. It’s also available in the Sahara Glass version.

System M

Created to adhere to Document M regulations, System M cubicles have a well-established reputation for handling the challenges of high-traffic environments, especially in places like airports, retail outlets, and public buildings such as schools and hospitals.


Titan washroom cubicles stand out with robust wall channels, aluminium headrails, and floor-to-ceiling pilasters securely placed in a distinctive aluminium shoe, ensuring their substantial and stable construction.


Unity's sleek and flush front design consistently creates a striking impression. It offers exceptional value without sacrificing quality or functionality, providing a choice of five material options. With 34 laminate colours or 10 Colour Coat or High Gloss finishes, the design possibilities are truly limitless. They are also available in the Full Height and Privacy version.

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If you’re struggling to find the right toilet cubicles for your washroom project, our in-depth guides should be able to help you get the best cubicle for the best price. If you would like more information on our guides and products, feel free to get in touch with us today, our friendly customer service team are always here to help.

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Case Studies

Discover the success stories of Venesta as and our cutting-edge toilet cubicles for various companies. Explore our case studies to witness the projects we've successfully delivered. Be inspired by our completed ventures and consider viewing our top-notch toilet cubicles in your washroom today.

Case studies


What are the building regulations for toilet cubicles? 

Toilet cubicles must comply with building regulations outlined in documents such as the Building Regulations Approved Document M. These regulations specify dimensions, accessibility requirements, and other considerations to ensure compliance with standards for public and commercial spaces.

How big should a disabled toilet cubicle be?

A disabled toilet cubicle in the UK should typically have a minimum size of 2200mm by 1500mm to ensure adequate space for accessibility. This complies with the requirements set out in the Building Regulations Approved Document M for accommodating individuals with disabilities.

What are the public toilet design standards UK?

Public toilet design in the UK is governed by various standards, including the Building Regulations Approved Document M. These guidelines cover dimensions, accessibility features, and other considerations to ensure that public toilets meet specified standards for safety, hygiene, and inclusivity.

What are the requirements for an ambulant toilet? 

An ambulant toilet in the UK must adhere to accessibility standards outlined in the Building Regulations Approved Document M. These requirements include features such as sufficient space, grab rails, and appropriate fixtures to accommodate individuals with mobility challenges.

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