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Secondary school toilets have to be robust, efficient and fit for purpose.

“To meet the rigorous demands of this type of environment, all facilities in our academy have to be robust, efficient and fit for purpose. Centurion has fulfilled these requirements, and has given an excellent finished appearance in all washroom areas.”
- Graham Turner, Facilities Manager, Tudor Grange Academy

The Project.

Tudor Grange Academy is an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rated, comprehensive school in South Solihull. Also awarded World Class School status, Tudor Grange is committed to delivering a high-quality educational experience for its 1,600 students.

The Challenge.

The Academy strives to create a safe and secure space for its students and staff, giving everyone the opportunity to achieve and succeed. They wanted to make the new washrooms a more open and less intimidating space for all students. They also needed robust, high specification toilet cubicles that would be able to withstand the rigours of a large and busy academy.

The Solution.

Renowned for strength and rigidity, Solihull Council chose the Centurion Full Height cubicle range for six male and female unisex school toilets around the campus.

Robust Centurion Full Height cubicles specified in dark grey laminate, along with pre-plumbed Vepps panelling in yellow and green help create a positive, bright and airy unisex washroom environment. Combine that with the hardwearing materials chosen, Tudor Grange Academy’s washrooms could withstand even the most boisterous teenage antics.

The combination of Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) cubicles and High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Vepps paneling is an extremely robust, hardwearing and economical washroom solution. In addition, the waterproof, smooth surfaces of SGL can endure the levels of heavy duty cleaning and strict hygiene protocols that keep students and staff safe.

Along with robust fittings, the cubicle’s SGL doors and partitions are impact, heat and scratch resistant. Full height cubicles and fluted, floor fixed, powder coated aluminum pilasters give extra privacy and stability.

Installation was during school holidays which meant there were strict time constraints, so Vepps, our industry leading pre-plumbed paneling system, was the obvious choice for Tudor Grange Academy. Tried and tested in our factory, the integrated basin plumbing and panelling is quicker to install, leaves duct spaces secure and inaccessible, and provides easier ongoing maintenance.

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Type Cubicle, Panelling, Vanities
Sector Education 11+
Range Centurion Full Height, Vepps
Budget V2 - Standard


End User Tudor Grange Academy
Specifiers Solihull Council