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At Venesta, we take pride in creating innovative toilet seat sanitisers for commercial washrooms. This revolutionary product ensures that cleanliness standards in public and private facilities will be improved. As a leading provider of sanitary solutions for commercial washrooms, we understand how important it is to maintain impeccable hygiene. Our toilet sanitiser demonstrates our commitment to providing a clean and safe environment.


Why choose Venesta for toilet sanitiser?

At Venesta, we stand out as the top choice for toilet sanitisers, excelling in innovation and our commitment to hygiene. Our bespoke solutions, featuring touchless dispensing and antibacterial formulations, guarantee a sanitary restroom experience in commercial washrooms. With a focus on sustainability and a proven record of quality and reliability, we are the trusted partner for businesses prioritising cleanliness and well-being in restroom facilities.


Our toilet seat sanitisers

Our toilet seat sanitiser dispenser is a compact, key-lockable unit designed for dispensing non-beaded alcohol-based sanitiser. It features durable digital printing with user instructions, ideal for wall fixing near toilet tissue dispensers. Users can easily wipe surfaces like seats and handles. Click below for the details and specifications of our toilet sanitiser.


Stainless steel toilet seat sanitiser


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At Venesta, we offer a wide range of commercial washroom products including modern toilet cubicles, vanity units, lockers, benching and a vast selection of high-quality accessories. From offices to gyms and educational settings, we provide washroom solutions that prioritise hygiene, aesthetics and functionality. Discover our product range today. 

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The innovative products we offer have helped transform and modernise a number of commercial establishments and businesses. At Venesta, we take pride in every project we are trusted to work on. Browse through our case studies and find inspiration for your new washroom.

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How does toilet seat sanitiser work?

Toilet seat sanitiser is designed to provide a quick and effective solution for maintaining hygiene in public restrooms. Toilet sanitiser comes in a convenient spray form, equipped with a nozzle for easy application. The formula is designed to eliminate germs and bacteria commonly found in restrooms, ensuring a clean and sanitary experience for users.

How long does the effects of toilet seat sanitiser last?

The sanitising effect of toilet sanitiser is immediate, providing an instant solution to reduce the presence of germs and bacteria on toilet seat surfaces. While the exact duration of effectiveness may vary based on factors such as environmental conditions and usage frequency, our sanitiser is designed to offer a long-lasting effect to ensure washroom hygiene. 

What are the benefits of toilet seat sanitiser? 

Toilet seat sanitiser ensures restroom hygiene by swiftly eliminating germs, aiding user confidence in public facilities. Its convenient spray format reduces the transmission of bacteria, creating a healthier environment with a pleasant fragrance. At Venesta, our toilet seat sanitiser provides a practical solution for maintaining optimal hygiene in commercial bathrooms. 

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