System M

System M

The only cubicle to allow rapid and safe access within an industry leading 30 seconds!

A unique, robust cubicle range with patented, simple to operate, rapid release outward opening door system, which provides optimal emergency access.

System M has been designed to comply with the Document M regulation, for Access to and use of buildings, whilst maintaining attractive aesthetics. System M has a proven track record of being able to cope with the demands of constantly used washrooms in some of the busiest airports in the world including; London Heathrow and Gatwick. This optimal emergency access cubicle is suitable for all high traffic environments; in particular airports, retail outlets and public buildings, such as schools and hospitals.

System M features an innovative pivoting pilaster design with a discreet release facility operated without the use of tools or removable parts, allowing the normally inward opening door to be opened outwards.

Resetting is simple with no replacement parts and no visual compromise to this stylish design.

  • System M Emergency Acces

  • System M's pivoting pilaster to allow for emergency access.

  • System M in Light Jute and wall mounted washtrough in Vermont.

  • System M in situ at Derriford Hospital.

  • System M in situ at Gatwick Airport.

  • System M in situ at J Sainsbury's Murrayfield.


  • Complies with Document M, DDA and SSLD-3 regulations.
  • Floating appearance.
  • Attractive satin anodised aluminium pilasters and headrail.
  • Suitable for all high traffic environments.

Special Features

  • Award-winning, patented emergency access system.
  • Quick and easy access within 30 seconds in an emergency.
  • Simple to release and reset, no damage to the cubicle.
  • No tools required for emergency release.

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At Venesta, we are continually striving to raise the benchmark in cubicle design. Our ColourCoat washroom cubicles and panelling offer a durable, attractive solution for a variety of washroom environments, offering a completely contemporary feel.

The doors, panels and pilasters of our ColourCoat washroom cubicles and have a core of high performance, moisture-resistant chipboard or MDF. Depending on the cubicle chosen, doors and pilasters are a nominal 35 - 44mm thick, while partitions are 18 - 30mm. The panels and edges are treated in the same way, being first sprayed with primer, before being finished with a coat of pigmented polyurethane lacquer.We have defined a fantastic colour palette for our ColourCoat washroom cubicles and panelling, which are contemporary and modern. Sleek, durable and aesthetically appealing. Our V3 premium range is available in any RAL colour.

Colour and design spark a child's imagination so our design team is constantly working on new ideas to inspire young minds. These screen print designs, available in HPL only, can be applied to the front of cubicle doors, duct panels and vanity units. Door rears are designed to match your chosen partition colour.

Step into the rare and distinctive world of natural stone with granite. The perfect solution for your most exclusive and prestigious design solutions.

Our Unity and Infinite cubicles are now available with a High Gloss finish.  This smooth and highly reflective surface is extremely popular due to its ability to illuminate a room making it appear larger, brighter and cleaner.

The doors, panels and pilasters of our High Gloss cubicles have a core of high performance, moisture-resistant chipboard or MDF. Depending on the cubicle chosen, doors and pilasters are a nominal 25 - 44mm thick, while partitions are 18 - 30mm. Panels are sprayed with one coat of primer and finished with a high gloss pigmented lacquer.With an unlimited* choice of standard RAL colours on offer, your High Gloss design possibilities are endless.

*10 standard colours available for V1 and unlimited&RAL colours available;V3 premium range.

MFC: Our MFC toilet cubicles and panelling are available in all of our V Ranges, enabling you the ultimate style on a budget. We believe in matching products to our clients' budgets and specifications. Quality doesn't have to be expensive, as proved by our MFC washroom cubicles and panelling. Manufactured from 18mm nominal thickness high performance, melamine-faced chipboard with ABS edging, they are the ideal solution for dry environments with a low risk of vandalism. Although designed for dry room environments, our MFC toilet cubicles and panelling are nonetheless manufactured from high performance moisture-proof chipboard. Our MFC toilet cubicles and panelling solutions are available in 34 different laminate colours.

HPL:Our high pressure laminate (HPL) washroom cubicles and panelling are the affordable solution for more heavily used areas. Heat, scratch, impact and cigarette burn resistant, our high pressure laminate toilet cubicles are available in 34 different laminate colours. Manufactured from moisture-resistant chipboard faced with high pressure laminate; panels are 18mm nominal thickness with edges lipped with ABS. Across our entire range of HPL toilet cubicles and panelling, you will find the quality is uppermost. Our HPL washroom cubicles are installed in schools, offices, shopping malls, universities, or wherever there is a need for a hardwearing, robust toilet and washroom solution. Venesta's high pressure laminate washroom cubicles and panelling are durable, sturdy and impact resistant.

SGL: If you need ultimate water resistance and impact protection, we offer our SGL toilet cubicles and panelling. Manufactured from tough, 13mm solid grade laminate, our SGL toilet cubicles and panelling meet the most stringent specifications of durability and hygiene. Our SGL washroom cubicles and panelling are totally impervious to water and available in 34 laminate colours. Offering maximum resistance to vandalism, our SGL toilet cubicles and panels feature polished black radiused edges, and are a nominal 13mm in thickness. Enhanced by high quality fittings, and available in both standard and bespoke size options, our SGL washroom cubicles are the ultimate choice for demanding environments, whether wet or dry. We pride ourselves in offering you products that meet both your site requirements and your budget. Our SGL toilet cubicles are available in the majority of our ranges, meaning we have SGL washroom cubicles to meet your exact specifications.

  • Rouge

    VEN324 LRV17

  • Papaya

    VEN370 LRV35

  • Golden

    VEN366 LRV52

  • Canary

    VEN365 LRV65

  • Lime

    VEN354 LRV54

  • Clover

    VEN378 LRV20

  • Olive

    VEN367 LRV38

  • Duck Egg

    VEN368 LRV54

  • Marine Green

    VEN360 LRV46

  • Hydrangea

    VEN361 LRV55

  • Cornflower Blue

    VEN359 LRV22

  • Pacific

    VEN353 LRV20

  • Peacock

    VEN371 LRV25

  • Teal

    VEN377 LRV11

  • Indigo

    VEN356 LRV8

  • Merlot

    VEN364 LRV8

  • Macaroon

    VEN348 LRV24

  • Peony

    VEN376 LRV52

  • Porcelain

    VEN352 LRV81

  • Suede

    VEN369 LRV66

  • Cloud

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    VEN351 LRV58

  • Shadow

    VEN350 LRV37

  • Gunmetal

    VEN349 LRV10

  • Noir

    VEN337 LRV5

  • Steel

    VEN319 LRV42

  • Light Parchment

    VEN363 LRV57

  • Grey Parchment

    VEN362 LRV31

  • Vintage Grey

    VEN372 LRV27

  • Weathered Grey

    VEN358 LRV21

  • Black Ash

    VEN374 LRV9

  • African Wenge

    VEN373 LRV11

  • Dark Walnut

    VEN355 LRV13

  • Golden Oak

    VEN357 LRV36

  • Soft Oak

    VEN375 LRV45

Dramatic and durable - that's Quartz. This natural finish vanity surface combines the high-class look and feel of natural quartz with a resin composite for maximum durability. In short, a fabulous choice for maximum impact. *Pebble Grey, Grey and Earth have a matt finish.

For luxury, strength and a smooth, seamless finish, our Solid Surface solution wins hands down. The carefully composed blend of acrylic polymer minerals which ensures complete impact and thermal shock resistance.

Real wood veneers offers a rich, earthy tone to spice up a modern washroom with warmth and texture. Doors and pilasters are 44mm nominal thickness chipboard faced with real wood veneer, partitions are 35mm MDF faced with real wood veneer. Edges lipped with hardwood lipping.

Our glass range is suitable for even the most prestigious environments allowing you to specify with confidence. Doors and partitions are manufactured from Black or White 11.5mm laminated glass.

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Standard height
Floor clearance
Standard floor clearance 150mm.
Standard depth
HPL: 1800mm.
Panels and doors
Panels HPL and doors SGL.
Colour finish
HPL and SGL: 34 colours.
Cubicle Hardware: Stainless steel and satin anodised aluminium.
Edge treatment
HPL: Lipped with ABS edging.
SGL: Polished black radiused edge.
Satin anodised aluminium “U” section headrail.
Cubicle hardware
Hinge: Satin anodised aluminium lift off rise and fall hinges.
Wall fixing: Satin anodised aluminium discreet T-section.
Indicator bolt: Stainless steel circular faced indicator bolt with emergency release and nylon keep.
Pedestal: Stainless steel, height adjustable for uneven floors with concealed fixings.
Coat hooks and toilet roll holders available.
System M cubicle partitions are manufactured in 26mm medium density fibreboard (MDF) faced both sides with high pressure laminate (HPL) and lipped with ABS. For more heavily used washrooms, panels are heat, scratch and impact resistant.
Doors are manufactured in 13mm solid grade laminate (SGL) with radiused edges. Solid grade laminate is extremely resistant to impact and all surfaces are impervious to water.
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