What Venesta's accredited installers say about Vepps®.

We asked some of our top accredited installers what their favourite Venesta washroom panel system is to install.

RWF Carpentry

  • “RWF Carpentry have fitted lots of different washroom systems from different manufacturers over the years by my personal choice for speed and ease of installation is Venesta’s Vepps®.  When your job is time critical due to a short programme, maybe school holidays etc, the pre-plumbed units save a lot of time.”
    Rick Fullman, Director, RWF Carpentry.

G Haslehurst Builders Ltd

  • “The Vepps® system that Venesta offers appealed to us by being very quick to install, this meant we could achieve the deadlines set by the client. The client was very happy with the linear hinged panels, which makes day to day maintenance and cleaning easy for them and for us on site it meant no heavy lifting or placing panels on the floor whilst working behind the duct.”
    Carl McNamara, Site Manager, G Haslehurst Builders.

Shire Integrated Systems Ltd.

  • “The drawings that are produced for the system are clear and concise and allow others to accurately set out the first fix pipework that is required behind the panels. The way that the Vepps® framework is assembled, including the wall mounted WC carrier allows for the entire IPS to become an almost monolithic structure, providing a very rigid panelling solution. Behind the panels, Venesta provide a number of different supports that allows the panels to be tied back to the main structure behind. The optional hinged panel with ratchet locking system also allows for the IPS panels to be accessed with ease, allowing maintenance teams a very simple solution for accessing the items behind the face of the panels. This also reduces the manual handling issues that is usually commonplace with removing standard IPS panels. We really enjoy installing Vepps® as it’s a quick and simple solution and reduces our time on site. It therefore has a significant impact on the overall programme of works to a construction project, particularly where you have large runs of ducting. I would recommend that any client look to use the Venesta Vepps® panelling system, for the reasons stated above."
    Marcus Lynes, Director, Shire Integrated Systems Ltd.

Vepps® gives you a ground-breaking pre-plumbed system that ticks all the boxes:

  1. Ultra strong aluminium frame
  2. Industry leading design
  3. Unique Venesta linear bearing hinge™
  4. Complete onsite flexibility
  5. Reduces the need for onsite specialist skills
  6. Suitable for wet and dry environments
  7. Suitable for all board types

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