Venesta introduces Plymax, metal faced plywood.

“Plymax” is the registered trade-mark used by Venesta as a trade name for plywood boards covered on one side or both sides with metal sheets.

In the 1920's Plymax, a branded copper-faced plywood manufactured by Luterma and introduced to the UK by Venesta. Jack Pritchard, whom worked for Venesta until 1931, experimented using Plymax to make furniture, which you can view at the V&A museum.

In the 1930's, Venesta began to use Plymax for the construction of partitions and doors, W.C compartments, Shower and dressing cubicles for schools, hospitals, offices, factories and public buildings. 

What is Plymax?

The Plymax metals most generally used are steel and aluminium, but copper, bronze, stainless steel and other metals are also used. One of the chief advantages of Plymax is its combination of rigidity and lightness. In itself each metal sheet has little stiffness, but when bonded to a plywood board the composite material is extremely rigid. 

The rigidity of plymax follows the same principle as that of a steel girder section. In a girder the vertical web contributes little to the strength of the whole beam: is is the top and bottom flanges that provide the strength, but the importance of the webs is that as a distance piece of it produces a stiffness or rigidity in the whole which the flanges alone do not possess. In a piece of Plymax the plwood core is analogous to the web of the girder. Some projects we worked on using Plymax include:

  • Shower partitions in Watford Technical College
  • Partitions in Lodging House at Nottingham
  • Plymax Flush doors in Abattoir, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Plymax Flush Doors in Societe Generale de Fonderie Noyne France
  • Counter Tops in Colliery Canteen
  • Sleeping Cubicles at the Church Army Hostel in Northants
  • Plymax Lockers and Changing Cubicles in London Hospital, Whitechapel.
  • Plymax Dressing cubicles in the East India Dock Road, Public Baths.
  • Plymax Screen located in the Great Room, Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London.