Discover System M, the emergency access cubicle.

The only cubicle to allow rapid and safe access within an industry leading 30 seconds.

With Venesta's recent IP acquisition of Grant Westfield washroom products, we are pleased to present our unique, award-winning, robust cubicle range. 

With patented, simple to operate, rapid release, outward opening door system which provides optimal emergency release.System M has been designed to comply with the Document M regulation, for Access to and use of buildings, whilst maintaining attractive aesthetics. System M has a proven track record of being able to cope with the demands of constantly used washrooms in some of the busiest airports in the world including London Heathrow and Gatwick. 

The optimal emergency access toilet cubicle makes System M suitable for all high traffic environments. In particular airports, retail outlets and public buildings such as schools and hospitals.System M features an innovative pivoting pilaster design with a discreet release facility operated without the use of tools or removable parts, allowing the normally inward opening door to be opened outwards.

How it works:

System M’s innovative pivoting pilaster release system is not apparent to the everyday user and therefore retains a standard level of security and privacy. In the event of an emergency; staff can open the lock using a coin, which allows the door to move freely. The pilaster can then be “squeezed” to release the door outwards.  Re-setting is simple with no replacement parts and no visual compromise to this stylish design.