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What you should consider when designing nursery school toilets.

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Guest blogger: Michelle Little, Business Development Manager

When attending nursery, children are given opportunities to explore new challenges and gain a sense of independence. With this in mind, it’s key to create inviting washroom environments for young children that help to boost their confidence.

Marketing Executive, Chloe Edwards sat down with Business Development Manager, Michelle Little to discuss key factors to bear in mind when designing nursery school washrooms.

Which key design features should be considered for nursery washrooms?

To make nursery washrooms accessible to young children, the size of the products being specified is of the highest importance. Low level cubicles should be specified for nursery washrooms, as the reduced height of the doors, pilasters and partitions don’t overwhelm small children. Our Lollipop and Genesis cubicle ranges also offer curved doors and pilasters to make adult supervision even simpler.

In addition, reduced height vanity units with semi-recessed basins are a popular choice for nurseries, not only does the lower height encourage children to wash their hands independently, but it also creates less mess. Children can get up close to the basin rather than there be a gap between vanity top and basin, keeping them dry.

Lollipop cubicles with semi recessed basins in nursery

What additional safety features should our clients be aware of?

Our education toilet cubicles incorporate a range of unrivalled safety features as standard. Clever safety hinges eliminate the risk of trapped fingers, while emergency release indicator bolts mean that quick emergency cubicle access can be gained to locked cubicles, ruling out the need to remove or damage parts. You can also opt to specify magnetic catches in place of indicator bolts on nursery toilet cubicle doors. This substitution is easy for little hands to pull open, but strong enough to keep the door closed when cubicles are in use.

Genesis indicator bolt close up

When it comes to colour in nursery washrooms, what would you recommend?

I’d recommend selecting a colour palette that inspires young minds. Colour recognition is a key cognitive developmental step for toddlers, so by adding colour to any environment it enables children to develop their descriptive skills.

While exploring 2024 colour trends, there’s a surge in blending the nurturing hues of soft pastels and earthy tones to create the perfect combination of comfort and modern style. You can explore endless colour combinations with our laminate colour collection and bring your nursery washroom vision to life.

Close up of Lollipop cubicles

Do you have any top tips when specifying nursery washroom materials and brassware?

There are many factors that influence the material you choose for a washroom, this can include price, performance, location and the end user. A popular choice for early years washroom facilities is High Pressure Laminate (HPL) as it provides a robust, yet economical solution. Known for its impact and scratch resistant qualities, HPL can withstand the everyday demands of a nursery while remaining easy to clean with simple maintenance.

Specifying sensor taps is a great way to preserve water and prevent children from leaving taps running. The touch free operation is simple for children to use, reduces the transmission of bacteria and maintains a constant water temperature to keep children safe from potential scalding injuries.

HPL Genesis curved cubicle door close up

What materials and products do you recommend to help maintain a hygienic washroom environment?

With young children’s immune systems still developing, infections can spread quickly and preventing this is an important factor to consider. Choosing materials and products that meet the most stringent specifications of durability and hygiene will help keep children safe from bacteria and allow staff to maintain the washroom facilities.

Vepps, our pioneering pre-plumbed panelling system is an excellent addition to any nursery washroom. Vepps’ design ensures that the duct space is secure and inaccessible to small hands, creating an easy-to-maintain smooth surface that restricts potential hazards young children may be at risk to.

To complete the washroom, specifying a Solid Surface washtrough can be a great option. Its non-porous, stain and bacteria-resistant material offers a seamless finish that is easy for staff to maintain with minimal joins for potential bacteria to harbour.

Solid Surface washtrough

I hope you’ll find these tips helpful when designing your next nursery washroom. If you have any queries about any of our products, you can call us on 01474 353333 or complete this form and we’ll be in touch to help.

What washroom projects are you working on this year?

Our dedicated Specification Managers have a deep understanding of commercial washroom design trends and can provide useful suggestions for your project and budget requirements. For advice and guidance on specifying a solution for your commercial washroom project our knowledgeable team is here to help.

In the meantime, you can visit our Technical Library to access brochures, CAD blocks, datasheets and more to help you plan your project.

Get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your ongoing or future education washroom projects by calling 01474 353333, emailing to by completing this form.

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