Create opulent washroom designs with Sahara, our new premium toilet cubicle range inspired by bold minimalism.

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Sahara brings a new dimension of premium toilet cubicles to the Venesta V3 range.

Synonymous with opulent design, Sahara features our brand-new innovative floating pivot hinge system, which creates an effortless door movement. What’s more, the self-closing hinges showcase the flush fronted, uniformed design even when the cubicles are not in use.

Available in five different materials, including glass, the new Sahara toilet cubicle range offers a visually impressive and uniquely functional design that promises to make an impact in any commercial washroom.

Key features

  • Unique, concealed pivot hinge system for smooth opening and self-closing doors.
  • Flush fronted cubicle doors with setback pedestals for an impressive, floating appearance.
  • Slimline mortice lock with emergency release, combining design and safety.
  • Maximum design flexibility with a choice of 5 materials.
  • Sahara Glass, with black or white painted glass* doors and pilasters for a seamless design.

*Other colours are available upon request.

Why choose the Sahara range?

Discreet pivot hinge system.
Unique to the Sahara range, the toilet cubicle doors boast our innovative floating pivot hinge system. Mounted on the bottom of the cubicle doors, the hinges are completely invisible when viewed both internally and externally, adding to the minimalist flush design. Synonymous with opulent interior design and architecture, the pivot hinge creates a smooth, elegant door movement, subtly self-closing to minimise wear and tear. The pivot hinge is ready fitted to the pilaster making for simple installation.

Sleek, minimalist design.
Inspired by bold minimalism, the Sahara toilet cubicle range features flush fronted doors and pilasters, while robust stainless steel pedestals are set-back on partitions to give a floating appearance. The cubicles are framed by a satin anodised aluminium headrail and pilasters for strength and solidity and styled with sleek stainless steel fittings to create a modern design fit for illustrious washroom areas.

Design and safety combined.
The toilet cubicles feature an all-new stainless steel indicator bolt with mortice lock, which exhibits our most secure emergency release function to date. For complete peace of mind from a safety perspective, the cubicle doors can easily be opened with our bespoke key in the event of an emergency, without causing damage to the locks, doors or pilasters. Harder to force open than traditional cylindrical locks, the mortice lock creates the highest level of safety for users, without compromising on design.

Maximum design flexibility.
Sahara is available in five high grade materials, including HPL, real wood veneers, ColourCoat & ColourCoat High Gloss all in a wide selection of finishes and colours, giving you a myriad of design possibilities. You can also opt for Sahara Glass to make a bold statement for the most prestigious commercial washroom settings. At specification stage, you have the freedom to adapt the door height to meet required privacy needs, with adjustable stainless steel pedestals available in 50mm, 100mm or 150mm heights.

Iconic glass fronted cubicles.
With a slimline profile, flush fronted design and all the same sleek hardware features as Sahara, Sahara Glass toilet cubicles present an undisputable premium look. Sahara Glass is available in timeless black or white 4mm toughened double back painted glass cladding for a seamless, reflective finish. Complete with discreet soft self-closing pivot hinges and glass clad pilasters, Sahara Glass toilet cubicles are hardwearing and completely scratch resistant, so guaranteed to stand the test of time.

In addition to the black and white, other colour options for Sahara Glass are available on request. To discuss the design possibilities call our sales team on 01474 353333.

Find out more about the Sahara product range.

Let's discuss your commercial washroom project!

For advice and guidance on specifying Sahara toilet cubicles for your commercial washroom project our knowledgeable team is here to help. You can also visit our Technical Library to access brochures, CAD blocks, datasheets and more to help you plan your project.

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