We are raising awareness of how to keep children safe in a school washroom.

For an education setting, the reality is that there are fewer staff and fewer resources than ever, so child safety can seem like a challenge. Take a look at our safety guide below on how children can be kept safe in a school washroom.

Did you know approximately 30,000 children trap or crush their fingers in doors each year?

We have introduced a number of important features into our education washroom designs, including anti-finger trap hinges as standard to prevent the risk of trapped or crushed fingers.

Watch our anti-finger trap hinges in action.

In 2015, figures released suggested in London alone there were 1,499 incidents of under 18s being stuck or trapped.

Our latest cubicle System M, offers safe, rapid release within a leading 30 seconds. In an emergency, the door can be opened outwards without the need to break or dismantle the cubicle.

See how it works here.

All of cubicles also feature an emergency release indicator bolt that can be easily opened from the outside.

Watch the demo to see how our door locks work here.

A survey by Children’s Parliament claimed that up-to 40% of pupils feared the behaviours of others in school toilets.

Children have the right to privacy, that’s why we give you the option of full height cubicles. The rise of unisex toilets and the need to prevent bullying makes our full height cubicles a popular choice.

View our higher education range here.

A recent study by Global Handwashing Day showed only 24.91% of children practise proper hand washing.

Hand hygiene plays an essential role in helping to reduce the spread of illnesses. Promote good hand hygiene with well maintained, easy to clean hand washing facilities. Our education vanities have a low-level option designed to specially meet the needs of young children.

View our vanities here.

Looking to refurbish your school washroom this summer but left it to the last minute? It's not too late to order with our 48-hour Cubicle Express range.

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