Morocco Mall, Casablanca | HiZone

Durable, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

The Project.

The Mall opened on the 1st of December 2011 having been designed by Davide Padoa of Design International, a global firm with its headquarters in London. With a choice of over 350 stores and services, Morocco Mall is the second largest shopping centre in Africa. The most famous attraction is Aquadream, a gigantic aquarium which is home to over 40 species of fish.

Aquadream offers the ultimate experience, a ride through the centre of the cylinder shaped aquarium allowing a stunning 360 degree view.

The Challenge.

The aim was to meet the need for a robust cubicle with increased privacy due to the high volume of visitors that attended the attraction on a daily basis.  The client wanted the design to be durable and practical, but also requested an aesthetically pleasing area to represent the attraction.

The Solution.

With a wide variety of ranges and finishes to choose from, the client and Architect agreed upon Venesta’s HiZone range. Available in 36 vibrant colours with sleek aluminium fittings, Hizone was the perfect choice for an entertainment complex as diverse as the Morocco Mall.

Venesta delivered a washroom which ensured the privacy of each and every visitor at the attraction.  The sleek aluminium fittings created a metallic look which exemplified the glass tanks within the aquarium. 


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