Midland Hospital, Perth | Frameduct

Healthcare officials have been amazed at the versatility of our Frameduct system.

The Project.

St John of God Health Care is the third largest private hospital operator in Australia. In June 2012 the organisation secured a 23 year contract with the Western Australian State Government to build and operate the $360 million Midland Health Campus.

The Challenge.

As a private, non-profit organisation it was clear that St John of God Health Care did not want an extravagant, expensive washroom renovation.However, Venesta wanted to provide the organisation with an area they could be proud of nonetheless. They realised that Hospital washrooms need to be accessible, hard wearing and clean to provide the patients with a space they feel comfortable in.

The Solution.

Venesta teamed up with Aqualoo to introduce our Frameduct system to Australia. Frameduct is a made to measure, ready to install metal-framed non-plumbed system which offers a clean, robust yet easily accessible service duct that can be tailored to the client’s needs.

Our business partner, Aqualoo, have utilised the system to offer solutions for Patient Bedheads, Nurses Wash Stations and Utility Areas along with many other applications. Architects and Health Care officials have been amazed at the versatility and overall finished appearance of the product.

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