London Stansted Airport | System M

The emergency cubicle to offer safe and rapid access.

The Project.

Located within a short distance of London, Stansted Airport is the fourth busiest airport in the UK serving over 24 million passengers travelling on around 160,000 flights a year.

London Stansted is part of the Manchester Airport Group (MAG), who has spent £150 Million on improvements to the terminals since 2013. In conjunction with this improvement scheme, the washrooms for the B.A.A terminals were chosen as an area in need of refurbishment.

The Challenge.

The heavy footfall from the large number of passengers visiting Stansted on a day to day basis puts an enormous strain on the airport facilities, including the washrooms.

In an airport, where security of passengers and staff is of the utmost importance, the perfect solution for the washrooms at Stansted is a cubicle that can withstand heavy usage, and support the safety of its users.

The Solution.

System M was specified for the refurbishment due to its strength and durability. Thanks to the robust satin anodised aluminium pilasters, along with solid grade laminate doors and high pressure laminate partitions, System M has the capacity to resist the effects of consistent wear. 

The key solution for this project is provided by System M’s patented rapid release, emergency access system, made possible by an innovative pivoting pilaster. The pilaster is ‘squeezed’ allowing normally opening inward doors to be pulled outwards. In the event of an emergency at the airport, System M allows safe and rapid access in an industry leading 30 seconds.

 The overall finish was completed with Clipclad, the ultimate solution to precision wall panelling. The finished washrooms are bright and sleek with a fresh colour palette of greens and natural wood effects.


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