Did you know approximately 30,000 children trap or crush their fingers in doors each year?

We’re committed to raising the standard of our Children’s washrooms.

Children have the right to be safe. With this in mind, we’ve introduced a number of important features into our designs. Our clever safety hinges featuring in our education range of washrooms,the risk of trapped fingers.

The anti-finger trap hinge features a curved body which is designed to limit the area a finger can be trapped by creating a 12mm step, reducing the crushing point for fingers.Watch our anti-finger trap hinges in action.

Do your washrooms meet the standards?
Statistics show that over 30,000 children under the age of 15 have visited A&E in the UK with finger or thumb injuries caused by doors and door frames, with more than 1,500 needing surgery. Previous accidents in schools suggest that classroom doors, toilet entrance doors and toilet cubicle doors represent the highest risk of finger trapping accidents.

British Standard BS 7036 Part 4: item 7.1 recommends 'the use of a finger protection device that either fills the finger trap or minimise the gap so as not to create a finger trap'According to Anna De Leo, a Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital in London,"Fingertip injury alone can result in 20% loss of hand strength and can prevent people from pursuing their chosen career. 

Protect your children with a Venesta washroom.Our design team has gone to town to create spaces that challenge and delight young minds. Lollipop, Genesis and Award are perfect combination of fun, safety and hygiene – perfect for schools, crèches and children’s play areas. View the range here.