Do your students fear using your school washroom?

A survey produced by Children's Parliament claimed that 40% of pupils fear the behaviour of others in school toilets.

In 2010, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Matters produced a survey over 357 children and claimed that 40% of girls would never visit the school toilet and 16% of teenage boys claimed they were afraid to use them.

So how can you help your children brave the toilets in your school?

We believe that children have a right to privacy, that's why we give you the option of full height doors and partitions to protect your school children. A well-lit, bright washroom with cubicle features to stop others peering under or over can help to encourage students to use the school toilets and help them to feel safe and comfortable. Our education Titan, Fusion, Unity and Centurion are all available in full height.

In recent years more and more schools have taken to installing unisex washrooms in their facilities. Research indicates that bullying has been reduced in general through easier supervision of communal washroom areas, such as Issac Newton Academy in Ilford, which features a unisex washroom located in an open area for easy supervision, offering complete visual and privacy for pupils.

Unity's flush-fronted design and full height doors, allowing for total privacy, made it the perfect choice - Akos Juhasz, Architect