Venesta's factory destory in the biggest explosion in the history of London.

The Venesta factory during the first world war, lies in ruins following the TNT explosion in Silvertown, East London, on 19th January 1917.
On the evening of 19th January 1917, there was a fire and explosion at the Brunner-Mond munitions at Crescent Wharf, Silverton. TNT explosives were refined there despite the factory being in a highly populated area. The fears of the community become reality when a fire in the melt-pot room caused an explosion of 50 tonnes of TNT.

The TNT and and many nearby buildings were destroyed, including Venesta’s plywood factory in what is still regarded as the biggest explosion in the history of London. 73 people were killed and over 400 injured while more than 60,000 properties were destroyed or damaged leaving many people homeless.