Discover how colour can help your school.

Research has shown that colours can enhance learning as well as improve behaviour and morale in children.

Colour influences all of us in many ways and can affect us differently dependent on age, gender, ethnic background and climate. If you think about how certain colours make you feel, they can each have a psychological value, influencing any emotion from tranquillity to rage. A well-chosen décor can contribute positively to any environment.

Research has shown that colour in a learning environment can reduce stress, improve visual processing and challenge brain development. Colour is inherent in everything we see and do and often overlooked in how it can influence emotion, productivity, communication and learning. While research is varied it is certain, the use of colour can have a significant impact.

Considering colour for all areas of a learning environment, including children’s washroom areas and providing well-lit, bright colourful toilets can help to boost learning. 

Which colours should you choose?

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