V-epps (IPS Panels)

The V-epps or IPS panel system is a revolutionary, fully engineered metal framed pre-plumbed system offering even faster installation, even easier ongoing maintenance and a much wider range of sanitaryware options, all at a lower cost. 

V-epps, the next generation, gives you the industry's first fully precision engineered, pre-plumbed system that ticks all the boxes. There are lots of obvious benefits of V-epps, it's fast and easy to install for a start. But the ingenious engineering, well thats much less apparent; in fact it's completely hidden from view. Discover our secrets here.

High strength linear-bearing hinges provide smooth movement and allow panels to be positioned at different heights, with no gaps between panels. The innovative dowel-dock is designed for perferct panel alignment, while the adjustable zinc plated steel tie backs provide a bracing system for easier installation. And because we understand the need for added security, our stainless steel discreet tamper proof panel lock is available to offer maximum security. 

We designed our V-epps pre-plumbed system to be installed in just four easy steps, reducing the need for specialist onsite skills. Our partnership with Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard and SanCeram gives you the flexibility to choose industry leading products to complement your washroom. 

Innovation has always been our inspiration and product excellence our goal. Discover our history of innovation here. 


Performance Options



  • RougeRouge
  • TigerTiger
  • ClementineClementine
  • HoneyHoney
  • PineapplePineapple
  • JiveJive
  • WineWine
  • FigFig
  • Oxford BlueOxford Blue
  • GalaGala
  • Frozen BlueFrozen Blue
  • Baby BlueBaby Blue
  • JamboreeJamboree
  • CeleryCelery
  • New EnglandNew England
  • WillowWillow
  • ShrubberyShrubbery
  • AmethystAmethyst
  • MinkMink
  • IcebergIceberg
  • PlatinumPlatinum
  • MoonMoon
  • SmokeSmoke
  • Silver FrostSilver Frost
  • Grey FleckGrey Fleck
  • AsphaltAsphalt
  • GraphiteGraphite
  • SteelSteel
  • ShortbreadShortbread
  • Light JuteLight Jute
  • Warm JuteWarm Jute
  • Grey JuteGrey Jute
  • DriftwoodDriftwood
  • White OakWhite Oak
  • American WalnutAmerican Walnut
  • WengeWenge


  • GreenGreen
  • BlueBlue
  • PurplePurple
  • RedRed
  • OrangeOrange
  • YellowYellow
  • Dark GreyDark Grey
  • Mid GreyMid Grey
  • Light GreyLight Grey
  • WhiteWhite

Our V3 range is available in any RAL colour, meaning your design possibilities are endless. To order a Venesta RAL book please contact our friendly and helpful sales team on 01474 353 333.


  • American Black Walnut Crown CutAmerican Black Walnut Crown Cut
  • American Black Walnut Straight GrainAmerican Black Walnut Straight Grain
  • American White Oak Straight GrainAmerican White Oak Straight Grain
  • Ash Crown CutAsh Crown Cut
  • Ebony Straight GrainEbony Straight Grain
  • European Oak Crown CutEuropean Oak Crown Cut
  • European Oak Straight GrainEuropean Oak Straight Grain
  • Fumed Oak Half CrownFumed Oak Half Crown
  • Rosewood Crown CutRosewood Crown Cut
  • Teak Straight GrainTeak Straight Grain
  • Wenge Straight GrainWenge Straight Grain

For veneer selections outside of our standard range, please contact our friendly and helpful sales team on 01474 353 333.


Maximum ceiling height
MFC 2860mm

HPL 3035mm

SGL 2640mm

*Maximum ceiling height will be 50mm less if using the 50mm less if using the 50mm baserail.

Skirting/baserail height
Available in 50mm and 105mm (other skirting heights achievable by site packing the baserail).

Top flashgap
Minimum shelf heights and panel widths are dependant upon sanitaryware.


Wash troughs
Drinking fountains
Cleaners sinks
Squat pans 
Healthcare items 


Available in MFC, HPL, SGL, ColourCoat and Veneer.

MFC or SGL, ColourCoat and Veneer.

Colour finish
36 colours.
10 ColourCoat colours available when specifying V-epps with selected V1 and V2 cubicle ranges. Unlimited ColourCoat options (any RAL) when specifying V-epps with selected V3 cubicle ranges.
Unlimited Veneer options (varying price points).

Edge treatment
Matching 1mm PVC lipping. Post-formed vertical edge option available with HPL. 
Polished black radiused edge.
Edges are sprayed with one coat of primer and finished with pigmented polyurethane lacquer. 
Hardwood lipping to match veneer face.
Flashgaps have unfinished edges except return end flashgaps which will be 1mm PVC lipped (or polished if solid grade laminate).

Docking frame
Headrail, baserail and wall rails manufactured from extruded aluminium section.

Manufactured from rolled galvanised steel section with aluminium cross brace bars. Subframe installed within aluminium docking frame by click-fix nylon location brackets. Back panels fixed to steel section bynylon clips. 

Linear-bearing hinge
Manufactured from zinc plated steel with chrome plated rivets and black glass filled nylon linear-bearing.  

Panel lock 
Manufactured from stainless steel with a polished finish.  

NBS Documents
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V-epps Installation

We know you need speedy installation and thats why or design team created V-epps to ensure that's what you get. 

There are four easy steps to installation so you can be up and running in the shortest possible time frame, with a guaranteed quality finish. 

01 Once the site has been prepared, fix the aluminium docking frame to the wall, ceiling and floor.

Time required: 20 minutes. 

02 Click-fix the first V-epps unit onto the frame and slide into position. Open the mid panel to a fully hinged position. Attach a vertical flash-gap to the frame on either side of the unit, screw-fixing to the frame from the face. Fix tie back to the wall. Repeat until all units are in place. 

Time required: 30 minutes. 

03 Once all the units are in position, connect the plumbing and services.

Time required: 10 minutes. 

04 Simply close the hinged panel and attach the top and bottom panels of the units. Installation complete.

Time required: 5 minutes.