Transport Sector Washrooms and Toilet Cubicles

Washrooms and toilet cubicles suitable for the transport sector need to be suitable for all sorts of areas such as rail and bus stations to airports and motorway services.

At Venesta we offer you bespoke solutions that meet all your specifications and requirements of durability, aesthetics, ease of maintenance and more.

Washrooms in transport areas often sustain a high level of traffic, from users of all ages. They can also be prone to abuse by members of the public. At Venesta we understand that durability, safety, resistance to vandalism and ease of cleanliness are all important. At the same time, we also understand that transport washrooms need to be welcoming and attractive, reflecting a secure environment. We have a number of cubicle systems to satisfy all your transport requirements.

Centurion washroom cubicles stands for strength and rigidity but because we believe even the toughest of washrooms deserve style too, it looks good too. Centurion toilet cubicles strength comes from a number of key details. Wall channels offer extra rigidity and pilasters extend to the floors, so no pedestals are needed.

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