System M

Unique robust cubicle range with patented, simple to operate, rapid release, outward opening door system which provides optimal emergency access.

System M has been designed to comply with the Document M regulation, for Access to and use of buildings, whilst maintaining attractive aesthetics. System M has a proven track record of being able to cope with the demands of constantly used washrooms in some of the busiest airports in the world including London Heathrow and Gatwick. The optimal emergency access toilet cubicle makes System M suitable for all high traffic environments. In particular airports, retail outlets and public buildings such as schools and hospitals.

System M features an innovative pivoting pilaster design with a discreet release facility operated without the use of tools or removable parts, allowing the normally inward opening door to be opened outwards.

Re-setting is simple with no replacement parts and no visual compromise to this stylish design.

Performance Options



  • RougeRouge
  • TigerTiger
  • ClementineClementine
  • HoneyHoney
  • PineapplePineapple
  • JiveJive
  • WineWine
  • FigFig
  • Oxford BlueOxford Blue
  • GalaGala
  • Frozen BlueFrozen Blue
  • Baby BlueBaby Blue
  • JamboreeJamboree
  • CeleryCelery
  • New EnglandNew England
  • WillowWillow
  • ShrubberyShrubbery
  • AmethystAmethyst
  • MinkMink
  • IcebergIceberg
  • PlatinumPlatinum
  • MoonMoon
  • SmokeSmoke
  • Silver FrostSilver Frost
  • Grey FleckGrey Fleck
  • AsphaltAsphalt
  • GraphiteGraphite
  • SteelSteel
  • ShortbreadShortbread
  • Light JuteLight Jute
  • Warm JuteWarm Jute
  • Grey JuteGrey Jute
  • DriftwoodDriftwood
  • White OakWhite Oak
  • American WalnutAmerican Walnut
  • WengeWenge
Key Features

Key features

Award-winning, patented emergency access system.

Quick and easy access within 30 seconds in an emergency.

Simple to release and reset, no damage to the cubicle.

No tools required for emergency release.

Complies with Document M, DDA and SSLD-3 regulations.

Floating appearance.

Attractive satin anoidsed aluminium pilasters and headrail.


Standard height

Standard floor clearance

Standard depth
HPL/SGL - 1800mm

Note: Non-standard height, floor clearance and depth cubicles are available dependent on quantity.


Panels and doors
Panels HPL and doors SGL

Colour finish
36 colours.
Cubicle hardware
Stainless steel/Satin anodised aluminium

Edge treatment
Lipped with PVC edging.
Polished black radiused edge.

Extruded aluminium sections available in satin anodised aluminium.

Satin anodised aluminium "U" section headrail.

Cubicle hardware
Satin anodised aluminium "U" section headrail.
Wall fixing
Satin anodised aluminium discreet T section.
Indicator bolt
Stainless steel circular faced indicator bolt and unique nylon "anti-damage, true status" keep.
Stainless steel, height adjustable for uneven floors with concealed fixings.

Coat hooks and toilet roll holders available.

Technical Drawings

System M Technical Drawing

NBS Documents
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