Why Buy Pre-plumbed?

A traditional onsite washroom installation can be a hectic and time consuming process.  Sourcing and ordering individual components, coordinating deliveries and labour, building a timber frame and then integrating the system with your existing plumbing can cause an abundance of unexpected complications and delays.   

With a pre-plumbed system the responsibility of organising the installation is taken off the customer.  The whole system is pre-assembled in house; panels are cut to size and the frame is fitted with pre-plumbed sanitaryware.  This simple, efficient and economical system can be installed in just over an hour once it has arrived on site.  

The benefits of pre-plumbed do not simply end once the installation is complete.  Using one supplier means one payment, one point of contact and alleviates any stress should you require any aftersales support. 

Venesta's Engineered Pre-Plumbed System (V-epps) is the epitome of a pre-plumbed system that offers faster installations, easier ongoing maintenance and a wide choice of sanitaryware.  We developed Vepps based on the knowledge that time and money can be saved if complex elements of the washroom installation are factory assembled, tested and delivered to site, ready for a speedy, accurate installation. 

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