The contemporary and affordable, flush-fronted office washroom.

The sleek, in line façade of Urban washroom is a clear design statement. A statement many commercial offices now demand, and one the Urban washroom cubicles can achieve with surprising affordability in both standard or floor to ceiling height.

It’s also a statement of substance because Urban cubicle doors and pilasters are constructed from 16mm SGL*. That delivers ultra durability and strength. The vertical edges are rebated which facilitate the outside face of the door closing flush with the outside face of the pilaster.

Featuring stainless steel fittings including set back pedestal legs that create a floating appearance and are adjustable to suit uneven floors, and a circular indicator bolt faceplate. Spring-loaded adjustable stainless steel hinges return doors to an open or closed position.

The Urban toilet partition exterior is kept free of fixings, whilst division panels are fixed to pilasters and rear walls using stainless steel effect aluminium channels. Wall end pilasters are fixed with stainless steel effect angles.

The radiused headrail completes a washroom that’s perfect for the modern office washroom that wants to stand out.

Modesty screens are also available in compatible materials.

Performance Options



  • RougeRouge
  • TigerTiger
  • ClementineClementine
  • HoneyHoney
  • PineapplePineapple
  • JiveJive
  • WineWine
  • FigFig
  • Oxford BlueOxford Blue
  • GalaGala
  • Frozen BlueFrozen Blue
  • Baby BlueBaby Blue
  • JamboreeJamboree
  • CeleryCelery
  • New EnglandNew England
  • WillowWillow
  • ShrubberyShrubbery
  • AmethystAmethyst
  • MinkMink
  • IcebergIceberg
  • PlatinumPlatinum
  • MoonMoon
  • SmokeSmoke
  • Silver FrostSilver Frost
  • Grey FleckGrey Fleck
  • AsphaltAsphalt
  • GraphiteGraphite
  • SteelSteel
  • ShortbreadShortbread
  • Light JuteLight Jute
  • Warm JuteWarm Jute
  • Grey JuteGrey Jute
  • DriftwoodDriftwood
  • White OakWhite Oak
  • American WalnutAmerican Walnut
  • WengeWenge

You have unlimited veneer options in our V3 cubicle range but we have put together a selection of our most popular. For further choice please contact our friendly and helpful sales team on 01474 353 333.


Overall height

Standard 2100mm

Bespoke heights available.

Floor clearance

100mm or 20mm

Maximum depth

SGL 2000mm
Veneer 1525mm or 1830mm*
*dependent on veneer choice.


Panels and doors
Available in SGL and Veneer.

Colour finish

SGL (36 colours)
Unlimited veneer options (varying price points).
Cubicle hardware
Stainless Steel

Edge treatment
Polished black radiused edge
Hardwood lipping to match veneer face.

Radiused headrail.

Cubicle hardware
Spring loaded adjustable stainless steel hinge
Wall fixing
Semi circular stainless steel channel brackets connect divisions to pilasters and wall
Indicator bolt
Indicator bolt with emergency release facility and keep, all with concealed fixings.
Adjustable stainless steel pedestal. Mounted on divisions for floating appearance.

Coat hooks and toilet roll holders available.

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