Company History

A History of Innovation

The Plywood Market Leaders

Venesta Ltd. was founded in Millwall, London in 1898 as an importer of plywood for tea chests. Very quickly we realised there were a variety of new products that could be made from plywood and the business began to expand.  Having made it our mission from day one to supply only the very best quality products, anyone who wanted the assurance of guaranteed quality began to specify Venesta. 

By the 1930’s Venesta had moved into the washroom industry, introducing the concept of factory built compartments for shower and toilet cubicles using timber, plywood and high pressure laminate.  We quickly became the market leaders in this field, pioneering the development of new washrooms across the country.

The Revolutionary Sixties

During the progressive age that was the sixties, the company had a revolution of its own.  Using timber and plywood, the UK’s first pre-plumbed Integrated Plumbing System (IPS) was developed in our Trentham site and installed into Greenwich Hospital - the first project of its kind.  The IPS system was an innovate design which meant the time it took to install sanitaryware units and panelling was significantly reduced with a guarantee of quality from the UK’s leading washroom supplier.  

Catering for Kids

The eighties was a decade of bold, psychedelic colours; colours that had never previously been seen within the washroom area.  During this time Venesta became the first washroom supplier to recognise the need for a children’s toilet cubicle that offered easy supervision for adults whilst at the same time making the child feel safe, secure and at ease during their visit to the school washroom. Therefore our Genesis children’s toilet cubicle was born. With its shaped doors and partitions, bright colours and altered dimensions Genesis was designed to inspire young minds whilst making supervised washroom trips a much easier process.

Introducing Vepps

Venesta has continued to evolve with the passing eras and in 2001 saw the opportunity to break away from the traditional timber-framed units, to design the UK’s first, metal framed, click fix IPS Panel system, IPS Evolve. The new metal framed system revolutionised the industry once more offering even faster and more accurate installation. However, never wanting to stand still, after 14 years of success with IPS Evolve, Venesta developed their metal framework even further creating our new, innovative pre-plumbed system; Vepps. 

Vepps is the industry's first, fully precision engineered, pre-plumbed system. Recognising the need for products that reduce installation times even further, we designed Vepps to be installed in 4 very easy steps. Having tested the new system against a traditional timber frame system, we found that it could be installed in less than half the time. Understanding that installation is only half the story, another design objective was to offer our customers a system that allowed for even easier on-going maintenance and so our patented high strength linear bearing hinge and panel ratchet system was invented. This allows for panels to be self-supported whilst positioned at different heights for your convenience and guarantees that panels can be safely and easily returned perfectly to position every time. Panel systems that offer enhanced security are also a key priority for many of our customers so the option of a discreet, anti-tamper panel lock was created.  We also broadened our product offering giving a wider choice of quality sanitaryware options to ensure that all design aspirations and budgets could be realised.

Having always kept a strong understanding of the construction market place in mind, as well as design and functionality, we have made it our mission to deliver Vepps at an affordable cost. In fact, we were so keen to save our customers money, Vepps offers a lower price point than our previous metal frame system whilst offering an improvement in quality and functionality, which is backed up by our rock solid 10 year product guarantee.

Vepps has quickly achieved its position as the most revolutionary and innovative pre-plumbed panel system in the market place.

100 Years of Innovation

After 100 years of innovation and design, we at Venesta live and breathe washrooms. Today, we offer an unrivalled range of washroom products for a variety of sectors continuing to make it our priority to set the benchmark for design, value and performance.