Centurion Toilet Cubicles and Washrooms

Centurion offers you complete strength and rigidity for the toughest washroom environment, and they look great too.

Centurion washroom cubicles stand for strength and rigidity. However, because we believe tough solutions still deserve style, they look great too. With several options available, our Centurion toilet cubicles offer you both flexibility and maximum privacy should you require it.

With fluted floor fixed aluminium pilasters and a robust frame design, our Centurion washroom cubicles are renowned for their strength. Enhanced by hard-wearing powder coated aluminium fittings, our Centurion toilet cubicles are available in three material options to suit every type of wet and dry environment.

Our MFC Centurion washroom cubicles offer an affordable solution for dry rooms with a lower risk of damage. Our HPL cubicles are a popular choice for higher traffic washroom areas. Our SGL cubicle is extremely resistant to impact and also impervious to water.

Performance Options



  • RougeRouge
  • TigerTiger
  • ClementineClementine
  • HoneyHoney
  • PineapplePineapple
  • JiveJive
  • WineWine
  • FigFig
  • Oxford BlueOxford Blue
  • GalaGala
  • Frozen BlueFrozen Blue
  • Baby BlueBaby Blue
  • JamboreeJamboree
  • CeleryCelery
  • New EnglandNew England
  • WillowWillow
  • ShrubberyShrubbery
  • AmethystAmethyst
  • MinkMink
  • IcebergIceberg
  • PlatinumPlatinum
  • MoonMoon
  • SmokeSmoke
  • Silver FrostSilver Frost
  • Grey FleckGrey Fleck
  • AsphaltAsphalt
  • GraphiteGraphite
  • SteelSteel
  • ShortbreadShortbread
  • Light JuteLight Jute
  • Warm JuteWarm Jute
  • Grey JuteGrey Jute
  • DriftwoodDriftwood
  • White OakWhite Oak
  • American WalnutAmerican Walnut
  • WengeWenge

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Key Features

Key features

Robust frame design

Fluted aluminium pilasters

Renowned for strength and rigidity

Hardwearing, anti-static powder

coated finish

Easy adjust hinges

Floor to ceiling for increased privacy


Overall height

Floor clearance

Maximum depth
MFC 2000mm
HPL 2000mm
SGL 2000mm


Panels and doors
Available in MFC, HPL and SGL.

Colour finish
36 colours.
Cubicle hardware
Light Grey or Dark Grey powder coated aluminium.

Edge treatment
Matching 1mm PVC lipping.
Polished black radiused edge.

Extruded aluminium sections available in Light Grey or Dark Grey powder coated aluminium.

Extruded aluminium headrail available in Light Grey or Dark Grey powder coated aluminium.

Cubicle hardware
Universal aluminium safety hinge.
Wall fixing
Partitions fixed to walls using aluminium channel.
Indicator bolt
Indicator bolt with emergency release facility and keep, all with concealed fixings.
The Centurion cubicle has extruded aluminium pilasters which extend down to floor level and fixed to floor mounting blocks.

Coat hooks and toilet roll holders available.

Technical Drawings

Centurion Technical drawing

NBS Documents
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Our Centurion toilet cubicles are renowned for strength and rigidity. This robust washroom cubicle's hardware and fittings are available in Light Grey or Dark Grey powder coated aluminium, an anti-static powder coated finish.

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