J Sainsbury's, founded in 1989 by John James Sainsbury, is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, with more than 600 supermarkets and 700 smaller convenience stores. Sainsbury's Murrayfield is a new superstore located in the heart of Edinburgh, serving a large number of customers on a daily basis.  

With a requirement to ensure the corporate indentity throughout all Sainsbury's branches, the new washrooms needed to follow suit. In addition to this, a busy superstore catering for large numbers of customers and staff puts a heavy strain on the facilities. This calls for washroom facilities that have the strength to cope with these high demands.

The Solution

System M was specified to meet the high demands of a busy supermarket. For such a high traffic area where security is paramount, System M offers piece of mind. Thanks to its unique emergency release mechanism that allows access within 30 seconds along with a sturdy design to withstand the heavy usage.

With the high wear a rigorous cleaning regime of retail washrooms, System M offers an adjustable pedestal with a floor clearance 150mm, allowing the cubicles to be cleaned, quickly and easily.

The Results

Sainsbury's were able to achieve the durable washroom area they require whilst maximising the available space. The overall finish is complimentary to the Sainsbury's corporate identity, fulfilling the outlined brief.

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